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Emotional Outlet

There are a few negatice emotional states that many of us go through day to day.  


Anger, fear, resentment, frustration, and anxiety. 


Many people try to avoid these emotions because they don't want to feel as though they are a burden to their family and friends. This is understandable, as these emotions are created to make us restless and at times second guess ourselves.


However, you do not have to be alone through these emotional states. Let Life Coaching become your outlet.


Life Coaching is a safe and private place, an outlet, a means for expressing and releasing these negative emotions.


Life Coaching is designed to set you up with tools to reach your desired dream or break free if you feel stuck on repeat in your life. Much like Therapy, we will focus on your past in order to understand your present so that we can, together, work on your moving forward to your future goals.

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Life Questions

Our life is like a puzzle – at Zen Boutique Life Coaching we can help you put the pieces of this puzzle together.  Through talk therapy we will write out your thoughts, encouraging your mind to remain present and prioritize self-care.

Questions that fill our heads each and every day are "What if I fail, what if I get hurt, what if it's too difficult, and I am enough".  Questions like these stop us from believing in the strength we have that exists inside of our hearts.

Let Zen Boutique Life Coaching help you to answer these questions so that Fear does not get in the way of you living your best life. 

Together let's make 2021 the Best year for moving forward and experiencing your best self.

Coaching for all of life's transitions.

Life transitions are periods in life involving a lot of changes to your lifestyle. Many people may go through significant changes in their lives that make us stop and evaluate life.  We look at Life transitions as a positive change in our life and anticipate it to run smoothly. 

Still, people may run into roadblocks that may bring some struggle.  We then need to learn how to adjust to that change.  Many people may find these periods of life highly stressful and filled with anxiety and perhaps fear.  With that, many of us begin to evaluate their lives and successes; however, it may start to think if it's even enough.  So we may often go through a process that can be very overwhelming and emotional.  The very two things that make us feel stuck.

Seeing a life coach with Zen Boutique Life Coaching is the outlet that can help you through those roadblocks, help you reevaluate your transition, and help you feel less anxious without fear so that you can move forward.

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